Apparently OpenBSD's vmm virtualization thing isn't ready for production. Qubes should be able to host OpenBSD? Apparently as domU (using full virtualization only), although it is annoying and does not integrate with Qubes's desktop stuff or whatever idk

Although they did add PVHVM support. it might work fine, just weird that i can't find blog posts about it

i could criticize the industry forever
they overengineer everything, they make all sorts of arguments for why they need all these features to make it impossible for one person to understand even a small fraction of all the code powering bullshit like the web, Agile and open offices don't work for everyone, interviews and phones suck
itS NoT ME ITs THem
yh shit still isnt perfect

but it can be pretty good? i hope

Yeah, I hate stupid old cargo cult shit.

All this TypeScript, lodash, Immutable.js, Redux. They're trying to twist JavaScript into doing things that are better integrated in other languages, like Reason. At least, I think React might've made it easier for me to understand Ur/Web.

I don't think a new language would be as hard as all these new libraries and frameworks and shit already are. But React isn't that bad, and all the new tools make it workable once you set them up and get used to them. Still kinda crappy though -

i had to keep looking at the docs..

i can't think of a better explanatio


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don't do too many durgs

lol i just have the 4gb (probably 2x2) and it's been ok for now. I might be able to transplant the 8gb(4x2?) ram from my other thinkpad...

you should never use this brace style in JS, because of automatic semicolon insertion

  for(let i = 2; i <= num; i++)


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guess i'm super unconscientious and  have no sympathy

might be cool to make some page scraper to get the data from results


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"I tend to vote for liberal political candidates" the fuck

Pretty annoying set up

i call bullshit.. i'm not even as modest as it says
many really depended on context

it's not horrible, wut. fairly straightforward to read

you can do this

arr.filter(c => vowels.includes(c)).length

but it's pretty much the same thing computationally.

you could try to do premature optimization and just look for one vowel

let vowels = ['a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u']
let hasVowel = 0
arr.forEach(c => if (vowels.includes(c)) { hasVowel = 1})

oh but u cant break with forEach??

maybe there's something like filter that quits on the first match, and only returns the first match or nothing

JS objects do the same thing as a hash table (though ordered?) and as a python dictonary, using strings as keys.

"In the case of Spidermonkey, objects basically have a linked list of (propname, infromation about property) pairs, until they have too many properties, when I believe they still keep the linked list (because order matters for properties in JS in practice) but add an out-of-band hashtable that maps property names to entries in the linked list." … ash-tables

if you try to use a non-primitive/non-string as a key, it just calls its toString. so if you do

let table = {}
table[[1,2,3]] = 4

it is
{"1,2,3": 4}

It just doesn't work with Upper_lower

why not just the cracking coding interview book


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i imagine nightclubs and raves are pointless without drugs


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yes this site Wordpress PHP sir


absentinsomniac wrote:

Maybe one of my portfolio projects will be a DnE HUD where it shows the status of the primary server, most recent rsync backup on my server, status of backup server, date of SSL renewal. That'd be cool and useful for other projects too.

let's do it in react

maybe also, some sort of spambot searcher. there's so many old dormant spambots that could suddenly spam the fuck out of the forum, if all controlled by the same guy

Yeah. I guess it just has some weird behavior and maybe not the best standard library. if you know the gotchas and stuff it's pretty powerful.
and no ints?..

const confirmEndinng = (str, target) => str.substring(str.length, str.length - target.length) === target

=== is better here - … omparisons


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zoh em gee it s liek another joe rogan peterson bro i bet ur sexist racist white boy haha white ppl r so toxic and evil omg


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absentinsomniac wrote:

I think the biggest problem is people get so caught up on specific people and start hyper-analyzing these types of public intellectuals. No one is going to know everything. Nobody is perfect, especially not public intellectuals who get grilled in interviews and then cut up to twist their words. People get borderline obsessed with these sorts of characters, when they're just fucking people with some really interesting / cool / useful ideas. Treat them as such and all of this combativeness seems really fucking dumb.

fucking woke

and other people get super offended and think they have nothing to offer because they're not 100% aligned with their cult

i did the interview for triplebyte earlier, they said i seemed uncomfortable with the language
would have to do & debug actual complicated projects in it but i dont do shit at all ever

Yeah. Apparently $_GET is only for URL variables, regardless of the type of request. Not very well named.. so you can see what the change would do by setting it … lue=172000

nah, I'm chilling. and this forum is public

df -hT

Maybe it's NFS?

lmao i can barely make myself configure basic shit anymore :|

you don't use infrastructure as code? backups? wat