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orange man bad

orange man good

i agree but i also agree w saintv that trump won because hillary lost

over half the population didn't even vote

not because they're racist or complicit in racism but because being pro-hillary is pathetic

SaintVicious wrote:
Swift wrote:

i've seen him have a few 'left' people like steven pinker and such on his podcast but they're usually 'leftists' who have built their image on disdain for the modern left

the modern left (as far as america) is going through a massive split the right did in 2006, identity politics are trash and so is anyone who engages.

agreed, although i side more with the politically incorrect neutral/right-accelerationists more thna anything now

absentinsomniac wrote:

h3h3 is  comedy innit lmao?

Debates in general are just for public awareness of your cause anyway. Nothing very productive gets done in them, no one's gonna change their mind except maybe some kids who aren't already set in their ways who are watching, and it seems more like an ego thing than a good way of getting to the bottom of some question.

Yeah to be fair this is basically true and 100% the explicit attitude people take in public political debates

Bolster up your side, rile people up against your opposition, get people who already like you to like you even more etc.

Fish20 wrote:
SaintVicious wrote:

why would you even bother with them, their ideas fail every time.
also joe rogan has all sorts of glib left leaning people on his show all the time.

rogan has mostly "left by proxy" types, not people with well thought out politcal views

i've seen him have a few 'left' people like steven pinker and such on his podcast but they're usually 'leftists' who have built their image on disdain for the modern left

Fish20 wrote:

Zizek seems neurotic and anyone who labels themselves a communist is discredited as a moron. As for the other guy, seems nothing more than a glorified blogger. I agree about Joe Rogan. He's like the Broscience poster child.

Yet all kinds of LaRouche-y right-wingers are treated like prophets

I also forgot how triggered right-wingers get when their favourites get interviewed and the interviewer dares to try and challenge them/ask remotely difficult questions etc.

Like wtf do they not get what the point of interviews are, yes they usually suck at it but everyone but Dave Rubin and H3H3 knows that you're actually supposed to try and challenge the interviewee on at least something

God, I am so sick of these right-wing/alt-right/alt-light/intellectual dark web/super cool spooky virginboi figures complaining about how the left is unwilling to debate them.

Types like Jordan Peterson will say that leftists and Marxists don't have the balls to debate him while he dodges offers to debate from Slajov Zizek and Douglas Lain. Dumbass drugbro Joe Rogan does the same shit while only having right-wingers, UFC-related figures and 'concerned centrists' who conveniently just made a speech/book/whatever about how the left are evil on his podcast. Young Libs and Institute of Public Affairs (a right-wing think tank in Aus) will do the same shit while avoiding debates/cancelling debate plans etc.

And then whenever any of these types eventually agree to a debate and don't wuss out, they'll spend the first half of the debate bragging about how they finally made their opponent cave into having the debate.

I'm sick of these idiots and intellectual charlatans in general, but for fuck's sake for all their talk of how cowardly leftists supposedly are they're the biggest fucking cowards of the them all.


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i miss araby

also the snitch can't be me since this is the only forum i ''''use''''


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ye thx bois


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invite pls


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Fish20 wrote:

maybe but anyone who protects them is dumb, they aren't getting oppressed for shit

i agree


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can i uhhhhhh


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i routinely remember and forget about this website every 3-6 months


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probably work


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i use this but say anarchists/mutualists


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i kinda wanna buy this even tho i've deliberately avoided all computer bs/sysadmin drama for years now

pretty sure if they kids they just allowed to take hormone blockers until they're of age


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ArabiaMad was a ledge tho


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- ArabiaMad
- Efs
- Aya
- Baron
- Hope
- ThoughtCriminal



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sloth wrote:

How the fuck do you guys even have time to philosphorise about this bullcrap of stalinist, communist, marxist, leftist, nazis, conservatives and the 79 other genders there are?

i'm doing a degree in philosophy and politics + in a commie group + no job


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- marx was wrong about turning hegel 'on his head' and his philosophy is a neo-kantian distortion of hegelianism  (although he does manage to grasp key aspects of hegelian thought and develop what is generally a good enough political and social theory for individuals and political organisations to come to better conclusions than post-structuralists or other shitty bourgeois ideologies - his failure to truly apprehend hegel's speculative thought, hegelian phenomenology and why absolute idealism is better than even the least 'vulgar' forms of marxist materialism leaves marxists open to becoming extremely dogmatic)

- 21st century Western Stalinists are fundamentally different from Western Stalinists in the early-mid 20th century - rather than simply being ignorant of what was really going down in the Soviet Union/China/Cuba/etc. and seeing those nations as the centre of workers' power, Stalinists today are just edgelords obsessed with Soviet militarism, authoritarianism and the unity of social democracy with tanks

- millennials who are in love with popsci and muh reas0n n logik are the 'dumbazz christfagz' of the 21st century


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union bureaucracy is incredibly conservative right now and is basically stuck between supporting the interests of union members and the interests of big business/political parties that they are tied to

rates of unionisation are so low right now and it's depressing that union leaders pin this on how they've failed to relate to millenials because they don't use enough social media or make enough memes etc. when in reality people don't join their union because their union doesn't do anything

unions have historically been at their strongest when they've been the most militant and unfortunately there's not much that'll save them aside from the bureaucrats being forced to do something or enough radicals imbedding themselves into the unions and managing to stir up enough shit/convince people of the need for industrial action