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#1 Re: Philosophy » On practical freedom. » 2012-11-06 05:11:44

As much as I despise the way modern society does away with personal freedoms.

You at this very moment are quite free. You can absolutely become a mountain man living off the skill of your own two hands.

Now freedom from a job? Well that's an entirely different matter. If you have no need for anything money can buy, then you don't really need a job. To say though that you are entitled to the benefits that a job provides  by simply being free is another thing entirely.

I don't see anything wrong with becoming apart of the human unit, that progressive force of work ethic that has pushed humanity so far so quickly. It's scary though, looking forward to lunch breaks and long weekends. I wonder though, are we worse off?

#2 Re: Philosophy » Rational/Irrational Minds » 2012-10-11 15:48:25

I wonder if there is a way to be entirely rational. Rationality in itself is ruled by logic. Logic should be based on ideal truths...

Can one really claim to know "truths" well enough to base a perfect rational. I have come to think the only rational way to think is to critisize and pick the lesser of evils; knowing all too well that my logic is only settling on what I can immediatly justify.

#3 Re: General Talk » Prostitutes » 2012-10-11 15:40:46

I do know his full name, and I haven't been able to get through to the German Embassy in Thailand as of yet. But to be fair, I've hardly tried. I somehow feel clear of any guilt, having reported him missing in the first place.

#4 Re: General Talk » Prostitutes » 2012-10-07 17:20:08

When I was backpacking in Thailand I became friends with this German guy who ended up rooming with me for a few days...anyway, while we were walking down one of the main roads I pointed a group of prostitutes to him. I told him about how the jewelry they wear describes the price and services they offer, he became utterly taken with one of them from afar and decided to part with me for awhile promising to meet me for dinner later that night.

Long story short, I never saw him again, no one came to collect his bags...I reported this to the German embassy before I left...His facebook was deleted very shortly after. I really do wonder what became of him.

#5 Re: Philosophy » What would visiting aliens think about humanity? » 2012-10-07 17:08:24

There is an amazing video out there of Neil Degrasse Tyson talking on this very subject.


#6 Re: News » Walmart Workers Ask For Safe Work Environment, Walmart Calls Riot Pigs » 2012-10-03 19:30:29

I believe I heard that there has never once been a Walmart that closed down. I hope those peoples protests go well, and even more so...I hope people stop shopping at Walmart.

#7 Re: Forum Announcements » Scholastic demands termination of domain name and transfer » 2012-10-02 19:44:32

I think if you want to make this board more popular....I'd get a new domain name. It doesn't have to do anything with school or philosophy or dinosaur role-playing.

Something phonetic that is googleable.

rocketAIDS.com seems free ...

#8 Re: Forum Games » Avatar Rate » 2012-10-02 19:40:17

How do you guys feel about Picasso

#9 Re: Movies, Video Games, and Books » 7th gen sucks » 2012-10-02 19:13:16

Too many people forget how many bad games there were in 90's and early 2000's. I grew up then and let me tell you, the ratio of bad to good games has not changed all that dramatically. I will say though, that the casual gamer market has reshaped the way designers look at making games....and on a whole that has been for the worst. Yet I think we are just on the verge of something great, I see bits and pieces of it in games like Littlebigplanet, Starcraft, and DayZ ....there is still such untapped potential. I sincerely hope the next generation of console's will realize it.

#10 Re: Philosophy » No. life is pointlesss » 2012-10-02 19:02:08

I like to think that there is a point to life, I have filled my reflective moments thinking of shared consciousness, evolution, computers and what they mean to the potential of human thought.

I think I've settled on an idea though, and that idea is that asking the question of, "why we are here?" is directly irrelevant in the face of the question of, "what can I, or should I potentially do?"

If you cannot answer a question, it's only natural to ask why can you not answer it; and that seems to be where I've found my answer. Beautifully empty as it may be.

#11 Re: Political discussion » Why is U.S. Foreign Policy Only Going to Get Worse? » 2012-10-02 18:56:08

Imperialism is slowly going evolve into globalism, and this revolution wont be had with armies, moral crusades, and shared currency...but it will be from portable electronics and the reduction of cost in transportation.

It is all too natural it seems, that the strong should mistake their advantages as rights. People will suffer, hopefully for a purpose.

#12 Re: Movies, Video Games, and Books » Why are so many kids shows based in schools » 2012-10-02 18:51:37

As much as I adore the idea of a central theme of propaganda in the representation of our schools....I feel as though the answer may be far more simple. Those people who hold the pen's and the final say on what goes on in media are in fact adults. And since the most active time of our childhood was on average the time we spent in schools; from a perspective of nostalgia, it makes perfect sense that an adult would draw from the time he has the most memory to do so.

#13 Re: Political discussion » Why I tire of politics » 2012-06-13 18:26:46

I must disagree, to say that we are not different is short sighted.

While there has never been a shortage of greed, ignorance, and villainy. No time period, empire, or society has come even nearly as far off track as ours has. We downright don't care about moving forward, we care about how many people are reading our funny tweets. It would probably be safe to say that we are the generation of distraction.

While there are ten times the number of activists, they protest things in the most inefficient way humanly possible.

While there is more information available readily than ever, we put all our focus into trivialities and gossip.

The problem isn't the man holding us down, its our own minds leading us astray. The same problems face us. The loss of civil liberty, the potential of becoming indentured servants, Yet there isn't anyone opposing it. On the contrary, with each year, more and more elected officials that represent war and big government are elected every year.

#14 Welcome! » Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na » 2012-06-13 17:55:00

Replies: 14


That is all.

#15 Political discussion » Why I tire of politics » 2012-06-13 17:42:22

Replies: 11

The number one problem in America isn't the economy, it isn't the President, it isn't Congress, it isn't the Fat Cats, or the corrupt politicians, or corporations making backroom deals.

It's the citizens.

Not only has America reached an all-time low in terms of economic and political standing, but we've reached an all-time low in political enthusiasm. We're a nation plagued by ignorance and apathy: we don't know things, and we don't care that we don't know things. Too many voters are content to go to the booths and simply check names they recognize based primarily on how much advertising has been crammed down their throats. As far as our culture goes, I'd say we have a knack for deep-throating.

1984 seems to be a goddamned prophecy because we've allowed ourselves to become engulfed in Brave New World. The invention of the Internet gave us so much potential with the rapid sharing of information, but we've become drunk on distractions. We let ourselves be ruled by images without reading the fine print and we gorge ourselves in frivolities like social networking, and irrelevant "news". We've become more interested in Kim Kardashian's wedding than the policy standards of our local congresspeople. "Friday" has more attention than space exploration.

Essentially, we are living in an age where the original idea of the United States is being taken for granted. We give up our freedoms for the sake of convenience. "Fine whatever, I'll go through the body scanner. As long as I can grab lunch before I catch my flight". The voting process is a joke as there is no semblance of competition, each candidate is carefully constructed to represent the most appealing visage of bullshit - electability. Political parties are only just helping to tear the nation asunder. We use words like "Republican" and "Democrat" and "Liberal" and "Conservative" as barriers to avoid political discourse. We allow these encompassing terms to narrow our views and dull our convictions for the sake of leaving no room to consider other options, and force ourselves into a fight for false ideals.

So when I see shit about a greater disparity in finances and fiscal classes, personal liberties being sold off one at a time. I blame no one but the people who let it happen; the people who won't take the initiative to become interested in their own political well-being; the people who can't see beyond their own wants to understand the needs of the many.

I am aware. All too aware... That most people are sheep. But that isn't an excuse. There are enough of us out there, People with the capability to see through the veil of idiocy. (it isn't that well hidden afterall) We are to blame twice as much as anyone else, we follow their rules and hope to win how? By accumulating enough wealth to not have to deal with social issues anymore? By camping out in city squares and holding picket signs?

There is no way to stop corruption and stupidity. But you can limit it. Educate yourself and those around you on what goes on in government. Be frustrated, because it is worth the hassle.

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