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hah wow idk
unsurprising that so many of us have high neuroticism scores

I just watched Accattone but the version on Amazon Prime is godawful. Terrible transfer, terrible subtitles, etc. Good movie though.

Into the Spider-Verse was surprisingly good too.


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I like certain things about him. He really knows nothing about philosophy and he should stop pretending he doesn't. I think there's really something to the idea that he's gained a following by being a sort of cool anti-sjw surrogate father figure to his primarily disaffected young male fans. Plus his diet stuff is fucking hilarious.

Public persona attracts criticism, detractors.


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maybe my favorite smiths song
up there anyway

Right-wingers should shut the fuck up.



can a realistic analysis of race not be factored into a broader class analysis? systemic issues like these generally don't exist in isolation

isn't working to counter longstanding racial bias more racist than doing nothing and hoping people don't use conscious or subconscious racial biases in hiring or accepting students?

Perhaps the racial inequality of Black and Hispanic people in terms of socioeconomic handicap is based on the cultural and generational trends of poverty, not the prejudice from a social patriarchy.

Did generational poverty drop out of the sky?

Asian-Americans are generally rich because the Asians that are moving to America are already rich.


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I watched the first episode of season 1 and thought it was dumb


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rip luiz
didn't he leave after SV or someone scammed him out of 50 bucks lmao
I think I might still be friends with him on fb


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I was gonna post about how I also can't quite remember rawn but then halfway through I totally remembered who he is. Didn't he go by RAWNPAWN or something stupid like that for a while?

hello, I think I still follow you on instagram don't I?

Slackware 14.2 on a used T420 I picked up for cheap. I like it. Only time I've run into trouble with it's being 32-bit is from external programs. I cleared some space on the drive to install Haiku cause I liked it when I used the alpha or w/e but the more recent releases (which you need to use to have it really be functional) were giving me some weird trouble and I stopped bothering. Maybe I should find some other hobby OS.


Unnecessary love subplots are annoying, but generally romance plots between young children piss me the fuck off. Stranger Things was pretty good but the incredibly forced and unnecessary love plot between it's pre-pubescent ass characters was stupid.

I feel like generally if sex can be implied in a movie, it should stay implied. I don't need an awkward sex scene.

better not to get started with cutting, that's a hard ass habit to break down the road


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woah, it's been so long since an SS member stumbled in here

remember when dne used to be linked on SS?


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I miss myself


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don't if you can avoid it, talking in real life is always gonna be better


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Bury yer money in a jar in the yard so the feds can't get at it


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Swift wrote:

- 21st century Western Stalinists are fundamentally different from Western Stalinists in the early-mid 20th century - rather than simply being ignorant of what was really going down in the Soviet Union/China/Cuba/etc. and seeing those nations as the centre of workers' power, Stalinists today are just edgelords obsessed with Soviet militarism, authoritarianism and the unity of social democracy with tanks

I generally agree, to be an ML in this day and age you need to either be ignorant of or willfully ignore the endemic issues of bureaucracy & lack of worker control in 20th century states like the USSR. Also fuck Nazbols.


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absentinsomniac wrote:

I watched this movie

It probably trumps everything else in this thread in terms of potential to have an impact on you. At least, in my opinion. Someone said they watched, fell into a deep depression, dropped out of college. It's mostly stuff I think about a lot. Life and death, wasting away, etc. But it hits you pretty hard in a way that I can't describe. Plus there's layers on layers on layers in here. I recommend watching it. It's not fun to watch, really, though. But it hit me hard.

I think it's why I've been on this whole lonely streak lately.

I heard about this movie in a Genius annotation where someone mistook synecdoche for Schenectady, or vice versa. Maybe I should watch it.

I'm not in the red because I'm not authoritarian

authoritarianism and libertarianism are vaguely defined and shaky principles at best, worse than even left and right

My opinions on a lot of these things have changed but I in particular want to emphasize one thing

Worker's World: >Marcy

Here's my compass now, pretty similar


Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the only truly revolutionary ideology in this day and age :^)

since I've updated to Windows 10 all my games have performed waaayy worse idk about other people


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I agree, the incessant "gulag lmao xD" is incredibly annoying. Corrective labor is a waaayy outmoded way of looking at things and the fact that so many people (across the political spectrum) hang onto it is fucking annoying.