WordPress is a security vulnerability. Framework exists mostly for people who write sites as their main job. Cooperation comes, wants a site, developer makes it. Uses framework cause it's faster for the developer to use, instead of writing from scratch.

Best practice: Don't use JS.

Yeah got it after some sleep. Pretty nice.

Ah I'd get it if I weren't so tired. Then it makes more sense.

It's supposed to do add together two sums until it reaches the target?


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Ei my nizze we on at the same time? wuuut ba?


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Suck me off. It will make you feel good.

absentinsomniac wrote:

With 4GB of memory, an infinite loop in the browser is a 15 minute fucking setback >:/

Idk if it's bad handling of processes by firefox or windows, or both, but what in the fuck mang.

KEK. Dude, it's 2019, get some more RAM.

Also the post before that described all that is wrong with programming: Too many different concepts doing things differently.

That reminds me, I have to buy a laptop that is certified by Qubes. A cheap one, but with i7 and 8GB RAM?
Doesn't have to be a laptop. Small form factor would be good also?

Might start doing code analysis on your FCC code, it would be a good exercise. Btw, I hate java.


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Fish20 wrote:

it kinda sucks to think about it. I'd rather be more conscientious and extroverted than agreeable and neurotic. apparently it's very improbable to change any of these things.

Hey! Another neurotic! Although I think my test was a bit fucked, since I did it on the comedown of whatever I was spiked with.


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V.R. wrote:
sloth wrote:
V.R. wrote:

Damn, it's been nearly two years since I've had a public-facing post on here.

One of my favorite posters here shows his face. How've you been?

It feels like much has changed, I'm finding my post history feeling antiquated.

Haven't even touched a Ganoo+Lindoo box in months. As alienated as ever despite having a few acquaintances. For the first time I have felt the friendship of a girl who is perversely interested in my eccentricities, and I await seeing her again quite soon.

Politics have shifted greatly to the right.

Change is the only constant in our universe anyways...


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V.R. wrote:

Damn, it's been nearly two years since I've had a public-facing post on here.

One of my favorite posters here shows his face. How've you been?

https://www.amazon.com/Algorithms-4th-R … 032157351X

Get that book. My father has it, although an old version, and it's really fucking good.


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It's a hard thing to accept. I disagree though. People are allowed to feel hurt, vulnerable and unhappy. If you are in the place where you say "My ex just broke up with me, but I'm fine, she's doing better" you certainly are a virtuous person.
But, we aren't Buddha. We're human, and we get hurt. Physically and emotionally. What people tend to forget is that it is ok to feel hurt. That it is natural for a human being to want to smash in the head of the guy who is shagging your ex. To be disgusted at the thought.
As a (straight) human male, you are biologically programmed to reproduce. And therefor, you want that to happen with your sperm. When somebody else is with your ex, it isn't your sperm, and that is disappointing. From a biological point of view. I think we keep forgetting what we are (an intermediate species, but we won't talk about that now): human.

There's a lot of talk about how you should behave. How you should feel. Less talk about what you do feel, and why you feel it.

Ronal the babarian.


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May it start better than mine ended. Happy new year folks.


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The wrote:
sloth wrote:

Holy shit, The posting and SaintV fucking up. What a time to be alive.

You're too sweet my man.

Read my blog dude I say everything I've been up to. Ngl I try to read your chemical shit though and I'm like wtf is this crazy German even talking about?

It's a final solution.

Sounds like a job for vue or react.


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Too bad.


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Holy shit, The posting and SaintV fucking up. What a time to be alive.


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Big oof.

True, true - I mean if even V.R. complimented me once on my code it can't be that bad. I mess that fellow btw. Probably better at programming than chemistry tbh.

But PHP is still a piece of shit.

Yeah makes sense to me. Although, why you would ask a chemist for IT problems is beyond my expertise, I ain't that good of a programmer.