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Idfk mang I didn't run the numbers any guess is pretty arbitrary lol


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Ya I guess


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Existence could be beautiful, or it could be ugly. But that's on you.


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Ok but that directly conflicts with the article lol, and particularly the parts I quoted. They controlled for traditional voting reasons etc.

I'm not making the claim here the people who did the analysis are. Believe what you want.


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Idk 20 - 30 %? But I'm talking about being afraid of Hispanics and being angry at minorities / poor as racism mostly. Even poor white people which early on accounted for lots of Trump's core base essentially hate other poor people (who aren't like them).

So basically, I'm saying most Trump voters voted with ideas of race in mind. Like, oh no the Mexicans are gonna flood in, oh no white people are going to be outnumbered and we need to push back. Etc.


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Be willing to change, if you want something different you have to do something different. Accept responsibility, what you do now will determine what happens in the near, and long term future. You are responsible for creating your own future. Find ideas to try that might get you one step closer to the ideal / better life you want, follow those threads. You don't know all the steps ahead of time, you find new steps as you get to them. Stay the course. Commit to change. If you turn around half way there, you end up back where you started. Be wary of limiting beliefs, and know that progress isn't linear. It won't always feel like you're making progress and you won't always feel likd you're moving. Keep at it.

You don't have to arrive to feel better, you just have to be moving in the right direction.


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It may be better but it doesn't seem nearly as popular, putting a better UI on it will probably help it's popularity. I heard of a guy who put a Google skin over DDG to get himself to stop using Google.


Not bad, not bad. DDG might have some competition.

Programming as a profession is strange because we each do such different things but all tools are available to us all the time. Imagine if this were true in the physical world; you would read arcticles written by accountants like "Dynamite Considered Harmful" with rebuttals titled "Why Dynamite Matters" by construction engineers...


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I made this to promote my first abum / mixtape in 2016 or something. Hoy fuck what even.

I don't even know how I made that or what was going on then.

Hopefully moving will help me get some more edge back because my newer shit is a lot more polished and maybe doesn't have enough edge idk...


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Probably somewhere between 20 - 40% I'd guess. Statistics are all over the place.


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So I spent too much time researching infidelity for some reason, even though I'm not even in a relationship of any kind atm. Not even dating atm. Lol.

Here's the results, only applicable for married couples though:


So that's pretty good I guess. Used GSS data, which seems pretty legit and consistent with most / all of the actual serious studies on this.


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I mean, Linus kinda had a big say in this. And so did the senior linux dev's. Some of whom, also work for google. It seems unlikely that the linux advisory board would even enforce this tbh. Linus is getting older. He doesn't give a fuck as much. He's got a family. This is a direct quote from the mailing list:

So here we are, me finally on the one hand realizing that it wasn't
actually funny or a good sign that I was hoping to just skip the
yearly kernel summit entirely, and on the other hand realizing that I
really had been ignoring some fairly deep-seated feelings in the

It's one thing when you can ignore these issues.  Usually it’s just
something I didn't want to deal with.

This is my reality.  I am not an emotionally empathetic kind of person
and that probably doesn't come as a big surprise to anybody.  Least of
all me.  The fact that I then misread people and don't realize (for
years) how badly I've judged a situation and contributed to an
unprofessional environment is not good.


This is more like the time I got out of kernel development for a while
because I needed to write a little tool called "git".  I need to take
a break to get help on how to behave differently and fix some issues
in my tooling and workflow.

And yes, some of it might be "just" tooling.  Maybe I can get an email
filter in place so at when I send email with curse-words, they just
won't go out.  Because hey, I'm a big believer in tools, and at least
_some_ problems going forward might be improved with simple

I know when I really look “myself in the mirror” it will be clear it's
not the only change that has to happen, but hey...  You can send me
suggestions in email.

I look forward to seeing you at the Maintainer Summit.



Assuming Linus comes back and continues to work on Linux, he'll probably end up setting the tone of how this plays out. I doubt he'll quit, I think things will keep going on as normal, almost, but I don't think Torvalds is gonna keep being as aggressive as he has been. We'll see.


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I came across this idea that like, most of the people in the dating circuit are not the best types of people. Those who are bad long term relationship prospects inherently remain in the dating pool for longer, and are circulating more. Those who are great relationship prospects, get into relationships and are thus not in the dating pool. You have to weed out the insecure bullshit to find someone who's in-between a good relationship. It's the same thing as, "You have to get through the "no's" to get to the "yes's" or whatever.

Then there's this idea that "pickup" and "game playing" and all this are what's called "performance behaviors", which means people doing that sort of thing and playing games are trying to "perform" a certain way to get what they want. This inherently means they feel like they need to do something special to get what they want, they're not worthy of it without playing thee games to get it. They have to prove their worth in this way. This might be unhealthy. It's what I've always done to try to get women, because I might have some weird mild form of autism (or used to? idek I was socially fucked up). I learned all these behaviors and they worked, sorta.

But it's like, what's the difference between social skills and performance behaviors, etc? That's a distinction I'm still working on. But if we take all of this knowledge together, we end up dispelling some of the worst ideas I am afraid of. Like, everyone's a cheater. Probably not, probably just a lot of the people actively in circulation might be. Or, all women are sluts and whores. No, just a lot of the girls that are available and actively circulating might be. Or, all women play games... Again, maybe it's just the insecure ones.

It also tells me that insecurity is very dangerous, and can give rise to some pretty fucked up behaviors, even though they're not actively due to malice. They're due to fear, but that fear ends up causing people to do hurtful shit. That changes how I see / act around insecure people. Food for thought.


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I've kind of hit on a reality check this morning. This girl I was messing with is gone. She says she'll hit me up to hang out "when she's around". I think she might think we can be friends now. No thanks. I told her I might move to Philly (where she moved) or maybe Colorado. I've decided on Colorado. Part of me was really hoping to move to Philly. I have friends here. I have a social circle. But, there's no jobs here. Deep down, I thought things might work out with her in the long run. It's denial. If she wanted to see me in that way she'd come see me. Sure, she showed up to my birthday party and messaged me on FB and all that, but if she's not physically making an effort to get with me, it's not real. My last memory with her will probably be her showing up at my birthday party, me blacking out after doing some blow with her, and... that's it. It's done. Gotta move on.

Everyone has difficulty accepting reality sometimes. It's not the easy way, but it's the necessary way. Holding on hope is just making me blow it with other girls. I was at a party over the weekend, a girl started hitting on me, and I pretty much shut her down. My friend ended up sleeping with her. (Good on him!) Dumb. I was still in a funk from this girl. I was in my head and down on myself. Sure, my "ex" or whatever she is was showing some signs of renewed interest. Is that enough to make a life decision on? No. Reality is what it fucking is now. It's too late to get caught up and try to "salvage" something that's dead.

If it's not a "Fuck Yes", it's a no.


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I can get excited about ARTiSnsal hiPSter whatever idc. I'll learn the stupid javascript frameworks and shit, too. Hopefully at least well enough to get a job using them... Fuck it.


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They said javascript and java are way different... So far the basic syntax seems almost identical with some very small differences... Guess we'll see.


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I play all these fucking games to get a girl into a relationship with me but how can I have a healthy relationship without much more honesty? I hide my flaws, use early relationships to point them out to me, then when the shit fails because I wasn't communicating them, I start / continue working oon them for the next girl. Eventually my flaws will be covered up enough to make it work but maybe if I were more honest about them it'd be better.

But that kind of requires I make it through the first few months of dating because you can't dump all your flaws on someone up front or it fucks it all up anyway.


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I'm not even sure I'm okay with "friends with an ex" really... Just seems like a waste of energy to even have to think about lol. So many partners out there, why get with someone who has that kind of baggage?


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I didn't mean parties I meant like if they're hanging out at their house with their ex I don't think that's cool at all. Or at his house or whatever. If I'm in a relationship with some girl and she invites her ex to her house or goes to his house or whatever... it's just bound to turn into something. Especially if it's at night. I would not be okay with that and I don't think my ex would've been okay with me doing similar shit with any girl, let alone an ex gf of mine. I don't care how mature you are, the likelihood of you cheating goes up exponentially when you regularly put yourself into a situation where you're alone with an ex (or anyone you're attracted to). I used to think, well, fuck it, if she cheats then I know what type of person she is. That's true, but why not save myself the trouble? If she insists on hanging out with her ex alone and shit, that's probably going to develop into something else. I've seen it happen a million times, and I've been on the side where I have some girl who's in a relationship. If she's doing that shit I'm starting to think like, just fuck the whole relationship and don't even get into one with a girl who does shit like that.


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I'm okay with "friends with an ex" as long as they don't spend time one on one. If one party has feelings for the other, though, it's a terrible idea regardless. If the guy wants her and knows what he's doing and they have a sexual history, they'll probably fuck if they're at home alone "just hanging out".


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It's ridiculous out here. I'm at the bar, flirting with my buddy's girlfriend and she seems overwhelmed with laughter and she's having a blast, she's getting closer and closer, then I kinda bring her back to reality intentionally so shit doesn't get worse and I can see the look in her eyes like "holy fuck that was close". I'm talking to friends, look at some girl who's been in a deep conversation with a guy for like 20 minutes at the bar, and she's smirking at me while he's still talking to her.

I have a friend who knocked up his girl, and she flirts with me and looks at me while she's in his fucking arms sometimes. One of my best friend's exes tried to get me to fuck her right in front of him. I had this girl "break up" with her boyfriend for one night and came over to my house. They were together for years. The whole time I was talking to my this last girl, she was texting her ex(es?) and shit and I basically didn't tell her to stop because in this day and age, that's "controlling behavior", but I told our mutual friends if she's gonna be close with him I'm not going to go steady with her. She knocked it off, as far as I know, but like a week before we broke it off she came over to my house at like 11pm and told me about a "work guy friend" she went to a bar with right before coming over. We weren't official so I couldn't even say shit... If I did that'd be seen as "weak and controlling behavior". You're not allowed to catch feelings before they do, or you're fucked. Once they know you like them more than they like you, they start losing interest.

Like what the fuck is the matter with these thots? And that last girl wasn't even a thot, she's been with 4 guys total and she's fucking my age. She still plays guys like that shit all the time. She talked about how she thought being friends with exes is the "mature" thing. The fuck? That's just asking to cheat. Spending late nights with other guys and shit? How the fuck is that the "mature" thing? It's garbage. Girls who fuck me always say the same shit to their friends, "it just kinda happened!". "We were just hanging out one minute, the next we were kissing!" blah blah. They don't want responsibility. That's fine, but if that's how you operate then you don't get to fucking spend late nights alone with your ex, who's "just a friend", because you will fuck him. He will try, you'll give in, because you run on emotion and you aren't giving any weight to our relationship or ethics in general. It's like I have to separate "love" into this category of "anything can and will happen and be prepared to get fucked over and emotionally distance yourself or you'll die" and that's not what I want in life. 



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Maybe I'm just becoming a JaDeD aSsHoLe now but it doesn't seem like it, I've talked with lots of guys who've been through shit and this seems like a common thread. Hopefully there's women who aren't like this but most seem to be. I talked to a guy who's fiance who he bought a house with cheated on him in his own bed. My buddy was with his girl for 2 years, they broke up and she was with a new guy in 2 weeks. Apparently it's very, very common for girls these days to jump from one dick to the next, staying in their relationship until they're 100% over it and then jumping into another one. I've been told this is "literally ubiquitous and all girls do it, some are better at hiding it" and shit. That seems a little black and white but I'm in such a fucked up place with girls where I see all these dumb games work, and work well, and they work for me personally, that it's kind of making me believe some pretty negative bullshit about how dating works these days. Ugh.

Idk I doubt *every* girl jumps from relationship to relationship but I've seen it happen hundreds of times in real life.


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Liking a girl more and more will not make her feelings for you change. Their attraction for you is not dependent on how much you like them. It doesn't work like that. You could tell a girl you don't even like her and it wouldn't even necessarily make her like you less. In some cases it can make her like you more, although it could probably make her afraid to do anything about it maybe? But yeah, just because you really like someone doesn't mean shit. Chasing them will make them respect you less. Girls need to respect you, and it helps if they kinda see you as better than them in some respects. Idk.

This can be a hard pill to swallow. I never wanted shit to be this way, but every single interaction, every single relationship I get into with a girl, this turns out to be accurate. I hate games, but I gotta play 'em. It's this dumbass power struggle shit, but it is what the fuck it is I guess.