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#1 Re: Advice » When should I quit? » 2017-10-25 13:04:13

You may need that job in case it takes you longer after you graduate to find a real job. Having money for weed and food is nice.Not being homeless is nice.

It would really suck if all the jobs on DICE when you got out did not answer you resume and you had no job.


you should not be forced to do 40 hours just because your work can not find good help. Once and a while, okay. Extra money, okay.

You are studying some pretty hardcore stuff. There would be no way I could hold a full time job and do all the complicated stuff they ask you comp sci guys to do. You should be able to just say NO.

If your job is the type of asshole that schedules you anyways telling you fuck you and your career plans, you may need to leave.

Only you know the situation.

#2 Re: Philosophy » Marriage is pointless and stupid » 2017-09-19 13:51:23

Many marriages are okay.

You DO get social acceptance, two incomes as a safety net as long as you do not go crazy, are able to do twice as much, and a nice heaping of couple privilege. Also, a steady LTR means you are not having to waste time and resources on constantly chasing getting laid.

Problem is complacency and the fact a lot of folks change. Sometimes for the worse. That, and people generally will go with better deals if leaving someone seems to be a better option (esp if there is MONEY or PROPERTY involved)

Be sure if you do, the person respects you enough not to fuck you in the ass for a percent of your income.

#3 Re: Political discussion » Mom of 7 year old trans kid wants to freeze her eggs??? » 2017-08-30 12:29:05

Fish20 wrote:

Saying you like girly things is not gender dysphoria though. This coming from a guy who used to play with dolls sometimes, favorite film was wizard of oz up till i was like 7, and thought I wanted to be a girl cause I didn't know gay was a thing. I litteraly told my brother I wanted to be a girl when I was 8. I would be pissed as fuck if my parents forced me to have hormone blockers and be trans just cause I was confused. The thing is, kids don't know what hormones even are, so it shouldn't be forced upon them before they have any idea. I'd say at least wait till the are just starting puberty to truly understand what their getting into. Like 10-12 ages at earliest.

10 to 12?

It would really fucking suck to think you were a girl at 12 and have these hormones shoved down your throat then wake up at age 18 wanting hetero or gay sex and having a 3 inch micropenis because mommie wanted a job at a national non profit trans advocacy group and decided creating a preteen trans was the ticket.

#4 Re: Computers/programming/software » Absent's Code Thread / Tech Blog » 2017-07-25 01:50:18

absentinsomniac wrote:

I'm considering starting work on a web based self improvement platform.

That way lies madness

#5 Re: Computers/programming/software » Absent's Code Thread / Tech Blog » 2017-07-25 01:50:18

absentinsomniac wrote:

I'm considering starting work on a web based self improvement platform.

That way lies madness

#6 Re: General Talk » The School Survival Forums Have Officially Shut Down » 2017-07-15 05:05:03

Sounds to me:

- person that pays for the site benefited from finding ways outside of bullshit school. Maybe some beer money in the process later.

- Puts up info, forums (because why the hell not?)

- forum attracts some folks, attracts discussion, but not the discussions person wanted.

- forum attracts not only younger people, but college folks, older folks reliving that wish they had that info, possible predators, drama queens, etc, that required way more labor than was originally intended.

- forum portion gone.

Fortunately, that message... and past that can be free. Unfortunately, do really that many look for it?

#7 Re: School Talk and Venting » I got into trouble at school yesterday (Oh, and Hello, I'm new here) » 2017-07-08 23:36:49

loon_attic wrote:

The only thing I slightly regret is not doing more shenanigans with friends

Yeah, but ask anyone older if they have any further contact with high school friends (outside of Facebook).

at 20?
at 30?
at 40+

Unless you married your HS sweetheart, probably not.

Those people fucking with you may have the life of a lady with 2 husbands in her 40s, in and out of rehab, can't do a job more than spreading her legs and living off her boorish Bud Light drinking husband while you are a powerful being with meaningful relationships, sipping the good beer, and happy as fuck.

Of course, look at yourself, too. "Victim blaming" aside, there are a lot of things folks do that makes attracting bottom feeders more likely.  And, sympathy really does nothing for folks dealing with stuff except employment for those in social services, charities, media, and ego trip addiction. If you are an asshole or doing stuff that makes you an unusually easy target, change those behaviors. Be wiling to accept you may need to change something for your environment.

Part of changing environment is to distance yourself, if possible, from you and these people. You figure out how to do this. If not, there are very possible other, tougher, ways.

#8 Re: Debates » Can murder be justified. » 2017-07-07 03:55:31

You generally want to avoid being in positions to have to kill people, in general. Even "approved" killings like killing Afghanis (or whatever war of the time the rich want), keeping folks from raping, robbing you or killing you is just inconvenient as hell. The whole PTSD and shit. Court appearances. Lawyers, the whole expense and headache.

Now as far as killing for revenge and stuff like someone screwed you over money or a lover, it is usually not worth it. Being in a cage probably sucks. No pussy or stack of bills is worth your life or freedom. Leave anyone that makes you want to kill them

Killing because of being marginalized like being unpopular in school, part of a batshit insane religion, abused at a workplace, or being oppressed by a gub'ment  does not work either. Most of the shooters, fundies, and anarchist that did that ended up making the actual "oppressors" look like saints, even if they were actual assholes and dead themselves. Then, everyone has to pee in cups and go through metal detectors. Gee, thanks.

Much easier to change environments.

#9 Re: Political discussion » Mom of 7 year old trans kid wants to freeze her eggs??? » 2017-07-05 03:42:08

... and, what if I as a wookie were sterilized because I had to even have them put implanted hair on my penis? Isn't it nice my dad jacked off in a jar so I could still baste a woman (if they got past my wookie-ness?) Or if I was into gay wookie sex, an egg plucked from my mom's vagina and implanted in my wooike partner?

Nevermind I may be pissed at having to spend 300 USD in razors a month because few want to hire a walking carpet nor fuck one. Or in an institution in the few actual long time large psych hospitals out in the middle of nowhere chatting with John Hinkley and Hannibal Lector while making sure not to get fur in my food.

But hell, if I do manage to be an awesome enough person and get someone wanting to swap genetic material on Life Day (wookie-ness aside) and be on the hook for 18 years, we at least have mom's egg! But can I afford the McMansion down payment to wookie-fy it if I want to expect it to become a wookie?

#10 Re: Political discussion » Mom of 7 year old trans kid wants to freeze her eggs??? » 2017-07-05 00:21:31

I used to like dressing as Chewbacca when I was seven.

What if my parents decided that I was just a wookie in a human body and took me to Hair Club for Men and had follicles transplanted all over my body to help me bring out the true wookie within me?

I mean, we have to be accepting even if wookies are a fictional species? And all the attention from the Wookie support facebook page and the funds from the patreon account so my parents could be in Paris sipping wines when I am 20 and homeless and needing lifetime therapy.....

#11 Re: Movies, Video Games, and Books » Documentaries » 2017-07-04 00:19:46

It's still cool to not like school but still like science and history.

#12 Re: Movies, Video Games, and Books » Documentaries » 2017-07-03 23:47:17

Lots of great nazi ones.

Unfortunately most of them are older, mostly black and white, and do not use modern techniques.

If you are into weapons, the story of before Operation Paper clip is awesome.


#13 Re: Movies, Video Games, and Books » Documentaries » 2017-07-03 19:12:01

I kind of like some of the "end of earth" type documentaries, particularly the Naked Science ones.

This one is particularly good. Humanity discovers a rouge star is going to wreck the solar system and Earth and humanity has 75 years to build a spaceship to save humanity. Has some scientists talking science has the drama unfolds:


#14 Re: News » Cuban Libertarian Party Leaders Arrested in Camaguey, Cuba » 2017-07-01 21:41:17

Sugar, too.

Ever had "Mexican" coca cola or throwback mountain dew? Much cleaner and better than the heavy high fructose corn syrup shit.

Our colas are shittier because of embargoes against Cuban sugar.

#15 Re: News » Cuban Libertarian Party Leaders Arrested in Camaguey, Cuba » 2017-06-30 04:41:22

sloth wrote:

I am now contemplating how ironic the name of the cocktail cuba libre is...

I am contemplating Captain Morgan spiced rum in that Cuba libre.

Messed up thing is those limes. I will have to buy some. I hate having to make drinks with extra bullshit I have to buy.

Note to self, though.

Don't piss off an old school communist regime with ideas totally against it's existence (and in a few cases, worse, with pure libertarianism) unless you are surrounded with a huge army and a large amount of high tech air, sea, space, and land based instruments of wreck your world.

At least until the last of the main powers die off.

#16 Re: Political discussion » Anti-White Rhetoric is Fueling White Nationalism » 2017-06-30 04:25:12

loon_attic wrote:
absentinsomniac wrote:

identity politics or whatever I guess



But if you really look at the root of it, it is not really about "equality". It is about getting ahead just because genetic or lifestyle stuff over other opposing genetics or lifestyle. Even when whatever issues or failures had little to do with either.

#17 Re: Political discussion » Anti-White Rhetoric is Fueling White Nationalism » 2017-06-28 05:39:38

absentinsomniac wrote:

I never looked into BLM at all, is it like an actual organized group or is it just a bunch of disparate bands of roving protesters that get together randomly under that banner? Like I really can't tell where or who's organizing these left wing groups who basically seem to be sustained by emotional reaction and a weird need to be recognized by their group or whatever.

The latter. It is a hashtag movement that grew. There is no leadership per se. But, it does show up wherever the next big unarmed black person shooting of the month is.

It's a broad "anti" movement.

As far as organizers, it is:

- UU ministers and liberal humanists who think it would be nice not to beat the shit out of and kill poor blacks
- People who have been fucked over by pigs, particularly if they think it racial and not just social class.
- assholes like the Nation of Islam who think all whites are children of demons let out of the European caves and should shot and other sick delusional fucks.

And it travels with the latest outrage of the drive by media to wherever before moving somewhere else.

As far as "who", depends on which of the above groups brings the most folks and who is the most pissed off. The ones that get arrested most or piss off the most folks is BLM.

So, you really can not say it is a "group".

#18 Re: General Talk » SoulRiser demmoded me » 2017-06-27 20:43:23

Well, does y'alls former site contain any actual help and support for teens having a miserable time in high school and help for alternatives? Or has it forgotten that mission for e-personalities no one outside the backwater cares for?

When it comes to server payers vs volunteer mods, the one be with the domain and root wins.

I personally don't give a carp, it's entertaining to me.

Great books on unschooling are available online and pirate bay. Even Steal this Wiki touched on it.

#19 Re: Political discussion » Anti-White Rhetoric is Fueling White Nationalism » 2017-06-26 06:02:30


The KKK and such are a dead, archaic breed sure to get you blackballed from jobs just by hanging around someone even rumored to be a member.

The skinheads are also showing some age and are unlikely to get into power positions that matter. You do not see skinhead plant managers or CEOs of major organizations. Skinheads are more city dwellers. No, Bubba is not going to shave his head to be made fun of while he is collecting his unemployment looking for an oil field job since the factory moved to China.

Of course they feel alienated as poor whites in the sticks, but the poor blacks out in the sticks tend to get imprisoned more and are in just as bad shape. If anything, it turns them more against these "academic rich folk libs" that  say this privilege nonsense to where they vote for anyone who seems like them who promises the return of good paying jobs.

This transgender/privshit talk is silly to them, not enraging because they never meet these people. Almost anyone who did live in their area who does believe like that moved to a high cost of living liberal state away from the rednecks.

#20 Re: General Talk » SoulRiser demmoded me » 2017-06-24 22:54:06

I can see how unwarranted self importance can happen, though.

One large site I modded was a guild site for a fairly large but now defunct and irrelevant World of Warcraft guild. (ALL game guild sites are sort of  irrelevant... but I digress). The admin got this new PHPbb version that came with a yellow card and red card system to discipline folks that appeared right next to the poster's avatar.

I thought it would be hilarious to put a yellow card on a fairly prolific troll in the community.

Instead, I got demodded.

Nowadays I see the point. Drama, as long as there are no doxing or death threats or shitting up things Duelix style actually improves readership and activity. Should have just left alone but I was drunk, wanted a feel good moment after dealing with oppression and loneliness of living in a cheap shithole working a shitty job in a shitty city with no friends because I had to evacuate New Orleans because of Katrina and had no possessions.

I understand being pissed at first.  it was almost like I lost my dog. I felt that I was a Big Deal ™, and by not having e-power in my large social raiding world ranked 70 guild on some backwater now-dead WoW server, I was somehow lesser of a person. It's easy to do if you are miserable and life is fucked and the only power and illusionary respect you have is a position on a site with active members.

Then I realized I should be doing something to actually make money and get laid...

So, next time I want to show my ass I can do it IRL over the Heineken instead of cheap Busch 24s and actually have real friends and get actually laid.

Which I did.

As far as modding again...

Call me when I can get some passive income like lowtax from Something Awful or Boubille from MMO Champion. Even then, those are not mods, they are admins which actually requires more PHP knowlege that navigating to a merge, ban, group permission, or forum group creation interface. And, server money.

or if it is just a ceremonial position like I am a local expert in a hobby I enjoy and actually share information and stuff or something and I do not have to do actual online janitorial work for free...

#21 Re: Political discussion » For profit (nonprofit) forced gulag rehabs. » 2017-06-24 19:55:28

TheWake wrote:

It's bullshit just let junkies be junkies, wasting money and torturing them won't do anything.

Actually, according to the proponents, it does do something.

It gives the illusion of being politically "tough on drugs and crime" the people over in the rural suburb communities love. Since it does not cure anything, it provides a constant source of revenue from the CEO to the "psych techs" to the janitors that is immune to recessions. In fact, it does better during times of bad economies. ie: "creates JOBS" and provides cheap labor for people with hot sun slave jobs out in the middle of nowhere that no one, not even the Hispanic immigrants want to do.

All off of people they can not pimp out otherwise because let's face it, most hard drug addicts can not exactly work in a plant or even Burger King.

You are fucked if you are poor in America and get addicted to evil shit.

#22 Re: General Talk » SoulRiser demmoded me » 2017-06-24 19:42:37

Never been to SS. No reason to go there since high school and my forays into college are a distant memory and going back to college would probably impoverish me more so than I am now with few benefits.

But, I have always laughed at the drama the "illuminate" of some of these forums put out over the years.

I mean, so some person took away your dose of internet e-fame and ego? So you were drunk and used a banhammer on someone favored by someone who pays the server bill or whatnot.

It's not like they are paying you.

I've been a mod for sites, been demoded from sites, been banned, abandoned sites, and found new sites. It's all unpaid content creation and work. And it's their server dime. If they want no content or think I fucked up, it's their baby, not mine.

Now, we talk about being fired from a cushy paid Community Manager job for like Blizzard or one of these other high traffic sites......

#23 Re: Political discussion » For profit (nonprofit) forced gulag rehabs. » 2017-05-30 08:09:10

So, what to do?

I think it is pretty shitty... Of course, DnE does. Most here have anarchist tendencies.

A lot of people in my state view it as "they are scum and deserve it", except for the victims who are poor and have this forced on them. These are the same folks in the suburbs pay At&T or Cox for alarms on their house and drive 45 minute commutes rather than live close to the businesses they own or work for. (Including those out there broke, but hope to become rich through osmosis or something)

If it happens to them or their kid, they plop down a damn good lawyer and get pronto into a private, well respected rehab. They would not be interested in it unless it showed a pretty private school bred white girl having to go through it. IE: One of them. There would be hell to pay, then. As long as it, in their eyes, those "unemployed, thieving, thugs", who they never meet or see and only see on the local news, they do not seem to care.

It is something that does not happen to them.  They view it as if it does happen to you, you must have been incompetent not to have the funds and network not to have to do it. We own stuff, we have an above entry level job, WTF is wrong with you?

Those are the ones that vote things like this in and are in control here.

It's the reason this shit always is in places like MS, LA, AL, or TX.

#24 Re: Political discussion » For profit (nonprofit) forced gulag rehabs. » 2017-05-29 23:15:46

Most people are insensitive.

That's the reason they get away with this and there is no outcry.

And yes, there are a few folks stuck in that  who are not bad people.

#25 Re: Political discussion » For profit (nonprofit) forced gulag rehabs. » 2017-05-29 07:43:42

Most do not get offered it on the second offence, unless they have a great lawyer. There is no third, you do hard jail time. 3 strikes rules. You stand a lot less chance unless you are young and in shape or  used to labor jobs. Almost all the "partner" job details are all hot sun heavy labor stuff like going into huge refinery tanks that have been sandblasted shoveling sand in 120 degree heat or laying sod over landfills. If you can not do these type gigs, they do not want you.

It's popular with voters. It counts as "rehab", so it resonates better than taking up prison space, since the prisons are overcrowded. "rehab" sounds nicer.

The places they send the prisoners to love it. These jobs are jobs no one really wants to do and are located way out in the middle of nowhere and hard to get workers to get to.  The businesses get half of the salary the prisoners make bac at the end of the year, so they effectively pay 3.75 an hour and no payroll taxes. They can also fire for whatever reason.

Plus, remember, a lot are idiots or caught with bad stuff. Felony level stuff. They do not  send here for being caught with a dime bag of weed in the car. No one gives a shit about these people .

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