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#1 2013-03-16 03:32:15

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If you have an opinion on this, your power level's extremely high


#2 2013-03-16 04:04:07

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Re: If you have an opinion on this, your power level's extremely high

I have an opinion.

GNU sucks. They couldn't finish their stupid microkernel thing after many years, so they just took Linus's. I'm more partial to the BSD userland over the GNU one ("userland" being the base command line Unix-y set of tools), although that may be kind of irrational. But something that is true is that glibc fucking sucks. Bash also sucks compared to, say, mksh. Bash is also slow and has spawned shell programmers who spew out "bashisms", rather than POSIX-compatible shell code, which sucks. mksh is feature rich, but it's also practically as fast as FreeBSD's bourne shell, according to some random test I read in a forum.

Everyone just says Linux because it sounds better than fucking GNU/Linux. It's also not too long.

What I do like about GNU, however, is that it kind of spawned the free software movement... or did it? BSD was kind of parallel to it.

I do like the Linux kernel. It has support for tons of hardware and it's highly optimized. It's been ported every-fucking-where, making NetBSD look just obsolete. It's very powerful. It's just GNU that I don't like that much...

RMS is a nice lolcow though.

Also, I used to think that the GNU coding style was shit compared to K&R, but now I think otherwise. GNU is way more readable...
There's some nice things about certain GNU programs too. It's not all shit. Not all BSD software is superior to GNU.

OVER 9000!!!!!!

I showed GNU/STALLMANQUEST to a college, uh, friend. He didn't find it that funny :|

sloth wrote:

Comfy does not provide challenge, challenge provides success, success provides happiness. Our world is not comfy, although we tried to make it so. Slaves of our own inventions, yada, yada. Not only on a technological level, also on a social and political level. Nothing more but apes. Apes with psychosomatic disorders.


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