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The wrote:

With 4 players, 3 votes are required to lynch.

Fish20 - RAWN PAW, Fish20
Lunatic - Fish20, V.R.
V.R. -
No lynch -

Has not yet voted:

Now there is once again the option to either continue into the night or wait for someone to get lynched.

BTW, out of the four of you, two of you are Townies, one of you is a Cop, and the other is Mafia Scum.

I think you meant me in the bold...

The wrote:

Lunatic fatally shot RAWN PAW then V.R.. He lived on his private island alone and enjoyed the luxurious life of the world's best programmer and world's richest person ever. He was never caught.

And then Lunatic's bank account got hacked into, he was unable to keep paying his satellite internet connection so he HACKED INTO IT but then they noticed and bombed him.

sloth wrote:

Comfy does not provide challenge, challenge provides success, success provides happiness. Our world is not comfy, although we tried to make it so. Slaves of our own inventions, yada, yada. Not only on a technological level, also on a social and political level. Nothing more but apes. Apes with psychosomatic disorders.


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Lunatic, do I sense sympathy?

And yes, I did mean you in the bold.

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If you're doing another game I'll join in


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Y'know what, I'll moderate again. I'll add some new roles. Signups and the game will be in a different thread.