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Grappling uneasily with a memory,
I sing a song to make it clear
If a building is my mind being hollowed out,
Many stories, many rooms,
Then I’m an aging shell propped up in slow decay
Forgetting all I had, too soon
Lost wisdom
Roaring in the traffic
Under looming tombstone sign
Summoning memory
Did something start here?
Wild salmon in the reeds
Glowing flooring was sleeping under trees
From business experiment to living place
Built on darkness blossoming
White stag: rare and alone and dead
In the wrong place, at home
Grappling uneasily with wasted wealth
A tall memorial shines

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based Thomas Aquinas best theologian

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

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Proved god even!

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muh mythical city on the hills
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i used aquinas as an argument for abortion rights once