Topic: Fuck Xi Jinping and the CPC

Fucking shit peen fuck and your censorship, suck a dick

whatever, probably not as bad as previous cunts, may be "good" at doing his "job" but look i'm edgy i can insult big authority cunts

why the fuck are they such prudes, such that porn is illegal and oh look no bad words, wtf
i guess it's because confucianism or some shit
and also because gommies. for example sort of mandatory shaving and short hair in many "fake" "statist" communist countries

sloth wrote:

Comfy does not provide challenge, challenge provides success, success provides happiness. Our world is not comfy, although we tried to make it so. Slaves of our own inventions, yada, yada. Not only on a technological level, also on a social and political level. Nothing more but apes. Apes with psychosomatic disorders.

Re: Fuck Xi Jinping and the CPC

Chinese porn would sell good no?

"Creepy crazy fucking idiot Nr. 873894532"-aCol

Wes wrote:

^^ funny
this guy
the most well written and verbose shitposter on the internet

Re: Fuck Xi Jinping and the CPC

are they afraid she'll be a "bad influence on the childs :(((" or something lmao