Topic: Rumination and Stuff.

Overview: … chology%29

Empirical Ideas for dealing with it:

(Self compassion etc.) … r_2015.pdf
(Distraction) … 9308409206
(Broaden and build theory)
(Mindfulness and Meditation) … 6abm3301_2

Basically, there's some interesting new ideas wrt dealing with it that aren't just "distract yourself lol". I'm trying to dig into the broaden and build theory a little more as a lifestyle, it seems pretty well empirically supported (as far as psychological theories go anyway lmao), and seems like a useful tool. Or at least interesting stuff.

I'ma read this: … /L2000.pdf (Read it, it makes good points but it's old, there seems like there's more empirical evidence now.)

I like the idea of the "thought action repertoire" which I'm not super clear on yet, but it seems like it describes *in a specific moment* what a person is capable of doing. Like, if they're in a narrowed state they have a smaller thought action repertoire and may not be able to do as much good shit as they would in a happy state.

This is p good: … /1449/1379

Positive psychology in general seems really fascinating.

Here's a really good thing

Note to self: Look more into adaptive vs mal-adaptive strategies and it's empiricism.

Re: Rumination and Stuff.

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sloth wrote:

Hold your head down and you won't get hurt. You'll get exploited, abused and spit on, but hey at least you're safe. Fuck that. I have one life to live, and I'll live it my fucking way. Go on. Stand in my way. See what happens. See what happens when a good guy snaps.

sloth wrote:

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Re: Rumination and Stuff.

You know as well as I do that that's bullshit. I know you're surrounded by shit and everything looks shit from that perspective, because so am I, but there's a way to move forward. There's a way out, and it isn't self loathing or suicidal. You're going to have to help rescue yourself. You're the only person that can do it. Stop believing whatever lies and bullshit your family members are throwing at you. No happy / healthy people act that way towards other people. What they're doing is pushing their own self loathing, their own shitty lives onto you. It's just a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Avoid these people as much as you can. Find your confidence again.

You need to spend more time with positive people and keep working towards getting what you want. The only way things change is consistent steps. It'll take time. Be patient, but keep moving. When you get out of the shit, if you keep improving, your life will look completely different. You'll feel completely different. Everything will be unrecognizable and way better.

Idk. I feel like we all have those moments were we're not sure things can get better. Refocus. You won't feel good until you're making progress again.