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#26 2017-09-10 23:04:07

Illuminatus Sacerdos
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Re: Mom of 7 year old trans kid wants to freeze her eggs???

Virtue wrote:

Some things are still a bit up in the air, but the evidence that does exist leans overwhelmingly to their effects being pretty much harmless. With children I can understand concern surrounding a treatment which is pretty new, at the same time I know people who would have killed to have been put on hormone blockers. Really unless there is a big case for the possible risks and not just a what if I think it's better that children who show signs of gender dysphoria get this relatively safe treatment rather than run the known risk of them committing suicide later in life because they can't live with their bodies.

People with gender dysphoria commit suicide at much higher rates with or without gender reassignment, hormones, etc. I don't think the "transition" is a cure in any respect. On the other hand, robbing someone of their real identity by giving them blockers is ridiculous. Medicine is supposed to err on the side of evidence based medicine, and the potential risk of hormone blockers in stunting puberty are enough to keep us worried. Think of the psychological damage that a kid not going through normal puberty goes through. And even if we assume that the effects are completely reversible (But think: How in the world will a male reach their natural height if they are on blockers from 12 to 18?), the psychological damage could be lasting.

The fact of the matter is that kids are not in any position to be making these decisions, and their parents and physicians are neglectful if they allow these kids to take these blockers instead of actually working on ways to treat the condition. Adults can do what they want, and adults are able to go through sex reassignment or take hormones.

I think it is supremely weird the way that gender dysphoria is being treated. Would we say, "hey kid that thinks he's Jesus, go get plastic surgery to look more like Jesus"? Should we tell schizophrenics that the voices in their head are real and that they need to do what those voices say? In my opinion, people with gender dysphoria have what the psychological community generally calls delusions (and possibly psychosis) and should be undergoing treatment for it.

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#27 2017-09-11 04:44:37

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Re: Mom of 7 year old trans kid wants to freeze her eggs???

there are so many things wrong with these radfems/progressives/whatever... though they think they're being virtuous... it's like a religion

sloth wrote:

Comfy does not provide challenge, challenge provides success, success provides happiness. Our world is not comfy, although we tried to make it so. Slaves of our own inventions, yada, yada. Not only on a technological level, also on a social and political level. Nothing more but apes. Apes with psychosomatic disorders.


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