Topic: "Apolitical Democrats" - for a politically illiterate Newbury

This group thinks several key things, all of which are incorrect.

  • * That every political party has a whip, and that all representatives of that political party have to vote in line with the whip, ignoring that backbenchers often make headlines for explicitly defying the whip, hence they are under no legal obligation to actually do so. For example, when backbench Conservatives voted in favour of gay marriage, and against tax credit cuts.
    * That only right-wing politics exists, which is understandable for West Berkshire as it is a bourgeoisie enclave ran by a socially conservative branch of the Conservative Party, and the only opposition is provided by a handful of classical liberal Liberal Democrats. However, they seem to think that by challenging right-wing politics that they are challenging politics as a whole, and that Russell Brand clearly must have invented socialism because he's a common sense "anti-politics" bloke, and definitely not a bourgeoisie shill pretending to be cool in order to acquire more money from edgy hipster shitlords.
    * That publishing collective viewpoints on recent issues of local government does not contradict their empty criticism of party whips somehow, even though it does. I thought the point of this party was that the party does not have collective views, and that it's merely a coalition of independents.
    * That partaking in politics somehow does not contradict the whole idea of being "apolitical", even though it quite clearly does.

Basically, edgy shitlords from a middle-class enclave ran by old conservatives.


Re: "Apolitical Democrats" - for a politically illiterate Newbury

fug this party be shit.