Topic: Mad Libs

K you know what this is?

I'm going first, I'll say whatever type of word goes into the story (from here or similar: , and then someone has to say it.


Fish20: Adjective
Someone: Silly
Fish20: Noun
Someone else: Nigger
Fish20: Verb

Only one mad lib story at a time.
The next writer/whatever is picked by the previous writer.
You can't do two words in a row (see example above, both can't be by 'Someone'), and you can't do more than two words in total, your words after your second won't be counted.


I need Animal (singular)

There are no clear way to learn it unlike html and css who are actually funny to learn and explore.


sloth wrote:

Hold your head down and you won't get hurt. You'll get exploited, abused and spit on, but hey at least you're safe. Fuck that. I have one life to live, and I'll live it my fucking way. Go on. Stand in my way. See what happens. See what happens when a good guy snaps.

sloth wrote:

There are cemetery for living people. They are called "cubicles". And "assembly line". And "McDonalds". And any other full of shit job you can think about. It's where you are dying every day so you can live on a few select days of your life. If you're not to powered out from working.

loon_attic wrote:

everything is shit and people love it because they're hipster masochists or something

absentinsomniac wrote:

she said to eat her out w/ an ice curbe but nah goodnight lol