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one who reads this will know--forgive my misspellings

what is the basic building block of all things?

matter? energy? what is it. I would say more prevalent than these things is nothingness

what is nothing? it's an idea we attach to something

it's there but

we call it nothing

because nothing and something ar just distinctions we've created between 2 things that exist just in radically different ways
and because we are something

we call the nothing to not be a thing

but is it not a thing?

it is a thing as an idea
was the first abstract idea to be able to distingusih between somethingness and nothingness?

what is this madness we live in

we allow ourselves to be slaves to these ideas. but ideas should be in the service of us. as INDIVIDUALS

the I in I

I am not more or less than me

mankind is an idea. I am me. I am a thing. I exist. Mankind does not exist

are we to forget the living man for the phantom Man?

and that is what we do in effect. in many ways., substitute man with God or the People.

Serve yourself

and what are these morals? more ideas to enslave us.


I love ideas but I will use them as tools

ideas do not use me any longer unless I am their unwitting slave.

the same with other men. other men

and we come to this point, and thing where do I build?

I will build what I please. I will do what I please. what moral I have are my moral that please me. MORALITY will not exist above me.

but I do have a feeling of right and wrong and that's all that is, feeling and some reasoned scaffolding upon it but feelings shift and scaffolding must be reworked

I do not submit to any objective idea above me

I MUST submit to objective realities or face the hard stick of them against my back

I am a slave to reality in this sense but let me make sure I am not a slave
no man is a true slave

when a slave is struck his limbs are in pain. HIS LIMBS. he feels them

YOU own yourself
even just your self even if other men control your bounds

you are YOU

do not let your SELFNESS be sapped by fake wizards in churches or beat out of you by the sticks of the State or what others try to control you

people will always try to control other people

but call it by what it is no more silly phantasmic ideas floating around

look at things

how they appear

some things are too complex to know for sure and we try but our means are imperfect and what answer we suit may just suit our own fancies
and our fancies for sure, our opinions, our allegiances are important

but even if you have these.

if you LOVE other people and even the idea of people of THE PEOPLE

do not

let this idea own you

you own this idea

I submit to you to submit to no one

shout out to Max Stirner who I ripped off from and PS slight shout out to Friedrich Nietzsche and even Ayn Rand

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

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fuckin shitlord, all that talk about men, what about womyn????

sloth wrote:

Comfy does not provide challenge, challenge provides success, success provides happiness. Our world is not comfy, although we tried to make it so. Slaves of our own inventions, yada, yada. Not only on a technological level, also on a social and political level. Nothing more but apes. Apes with psychosomatic disorders.

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it's like i'm on

"Humanity Is Overrated" - Shrek

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Is this like A is A or something.

"Creepy crazy fucking idiot Nr. 873894532"-aCol

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^^ funny
this guy
the most well written and verbose shitposter on the internet