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#26 2016-04-17 10:49:22

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Re: describe your political views in 6-7 words

Freedom, liberty with some social welfare/healthcare


#27 2016-05-01 05:32:40

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Re: describe your political views in 6-7 words

Deus Vult wrote:

I never mentioned genetic perfection. I mentioned individual reproductive success. This would lead to the inevitable dominance of a class that is able to apply the technology faster than other classes and I see no problem with that as long as I am a member of that class as I am an ethical egoist (although I do have some influence from Vitrue Ethics and Kant). I hope that passion is able to be induced artificially in the future

What does 'individual reproductive success' even mean in the context of modern technology? Anybody can have nearly any number of children they want and expect them to live to adulthood.

If 'reproductive success' is simply the tendency to have many children, the traits you'd be selecting for are probably not (or not exclusively) ones you'd actually think are desirable.


#28 2016-05-01 14:59:42

receive {_, _} -> void.
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Re: describe your political views in 6-7 words

high r-selected master race

"Humanity Is Overrated" - Shrek


#29 2016-05-01 23:31:08

Sanity Not Included
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Re: describe your political views in 6-7 words

I just realized that this in fact said 6-7 words so my original one doesn't count lmao

slaughter all the cappies starting with wes

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