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#1 2017-05-06 20:24:54

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Baton Rouge did not blow up into riots...

Rush Limbaugh, though he plays an obnoxious character that sucks neo con cock that hates anyone poor, is right about the media. Instead of facts they embellish things to get folks to view or get a rise out of people. He calls them the "drive-by" media that stirs up stuff, then leaves as a bigger story comes and secretly hopes worse stuff will happen. Kind of like the Weather Channel folks almost talk with glee if a hurricane is out in the Gulf. Viewership and ad watches.

There are no riots in Baton Rouge or folks sniping cops over the DoJ's decision not to prosecute the two cops.

But, lets really look at the smoke and mirrors of this whole thing.

I agree being killed by cops sucks. Cops, while they do take out murderers and thieves and are necessary in some form also enforce laws only to the benefit of people that do not even live in the same neighborhoods. Many people of all races have their lives destroyed by arbitrary laws they themselves have not agreed on and being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong attitude. If you are well off and run into this, you get a slap on the wrist and become less well off - if they can even get to you. If you are broke and out in the open, they will mess you up.

No one cares about them, except maybe family,  though. No one would have given two shits about Alton Sterling if fundraisers and lawyers did not see a chance to make some lunch money off the deal. No one goes to bat for hundreds shaken down over the senseless drug war. Nor did they stay long anyways before going to the next social outrage of the week, being Baton Rouge is a boring and broke college town.

Notice the pattern. These things do not happen to the upper middle class middle aged dude in the wealthy sections. It happens to those down on their luck, broke, and suffering from mental disorders/ addictions.

While Alton Sterling may have been wronged, the moral of the story is not that if you happen to be black you will get ethnically cleansed. It is if you are poor, out in the open, carring guns/ contraband, and you fail an attitude test, bad things can happen. Just like the bullies of  school, if you leave yourself open you will attract oppression. It is human nature, sadly.

The solution is simple. Do not be a target. If you are in an environment that holds you back, change that environment. If there is something that triggers oppressors, do not display that in public areas. The tragedy of Alton Sterling is not racial, but not using smarts when faced with adversity.

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