Topic: Wendelstein 7-X tests being successful

Just read the news, Wendelstein 7-X test run was pretty successful and makes researchers carefully optimistic about fusion reactors. … ein-x.html

I find this exciting as it has many prospects to our future. A future in which Germany may not be dependent on resources from Middle East, America, or Russia for Energy. And I fully support Germany being able to complete produce it's own power needs, maybe even Europe as a whole.

God damn this is great. Might change many things. With something like this, even space becomes more interesting as we could
1) Have enough energy to send the shit into space by alternative means
2) Have enough energy in space to travel far
3) Generate enough energy in space to establish colonies

Science niggas right now, I bet:

Hindsight is always 20/20.

God wrote:

A surprising amount of insight can be gleamed from sitting on the toilet. More concerning, however, is the amount of nostalgia. neutral

When in doubt, move north. God bless suomi.