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Probably somewhere between 20 - 40% I'd guess. Statistics are all over the place.

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There are no clear way to learn it unlike html and css who are actually funny to learn and explore.


sloth wrote:

Hold your head down and you won't get hurt. You'll get exploited, abused and spit on, but hey at least you're safe. Fuck that. I have one life to live, and I'll live it my fucking way. Go on. Stand in my way. See what happens. See what happens when a good guy snaps.

sloth wrote:

There are cemetery for living people. They are called "cubicles". And "assembly line". And "McDonalds". And any other full of shit job you can think about. It's where you are dying every day so you can live on a few select days of your life. If you're not to powered out from working.

loon_attic wrote:

everything is shit and people love it because they're hipster masochists or something

absentinsomniac wrote:

she said to eat her out w/ an ice curbe but nah goodnight lol

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Be willing to change, if you want something different you have to do something different. Accept responsibility, what you do now will determine what happens in the near, and long term future. You are responsible for creating your own future. Find ideas to try that might get you one step closer to the ideal / better life you want, follow those threads. You don't know all the steps ahead of time, you find new steps as you get to them. Stay the course. Commit to change. If you turn around half way there, you end up back where you started. Be wary of limiting beliefs, and know that progress isn't linear. It won't always feel like you're making progress and you won't always feel likd you're moving. Keep at it.

You don't have to arrive to feel better, you just have to be moving in the right direction.

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Existence could be beautiful, or it could be ugly. But that's on you.


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Ur an aesthetician, Harry.

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When you carry around a suspicion that there’s something sort of embarrassing or pathetic about you, you find ways to project that shame onto completely innocuous things. You find ways to tell yourself that everyone is laughing at you behind your back somewhere, possibly at a party where they are serving beautiful tasty drinks but you weren’t invited. You’re too old now. You’re no longer exciting or important. You don’t matter. You never really did.

Shame creates imaginary worlds inside your head. This haunted house you’re creating is forged from your shame. No one else can see it, so you keep trying to describe it to them. You find ways to say, “You don’t want any part of this mess. I’m mediocre, aging rapidly, and poor. Do yourself a favor and leave me behind.” You want to be left behind, though. That way, no one bears witness to what you’ve become. … V9Mw-of214

It’s okay to be in debt and worried. It’s okay to feel lonely and lost. It’s okay to feel tired of trying. It’s okay to want more and wonder how to get it. You’re just a human, this is how we feel a lot. It’s not irregular or aberrant to feel despair. This is part of survival. Your shame is forming your despair into a merciless story about your worth. Don’t let it do that. Build something else from your shame instead.

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"People will sometimes choose an incompetent mate because they're intimidated by competence, so they'll settle for someone they don't respect because they feel they can master them and they won't be intimiated. But it's not a recipe for a happy life, I can tell you that."



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Big oof.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

God wrote:

A surprising amount of insight can be gleamed from sitting on the toilet. More concerning, however, is the amount of nostalgia. neutral

When in doubt, move north. God bless suomi.


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Whoa the OP is dope advice

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This was worth the 3 hours: