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#1 2018-11-26 23:53:24

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what would an ideal school support site be like?

I think it should not convince you that school will make you hate learning, or make you hate whatever subjects they have, although there is a danger. It would bring awareness to the most important things and offer advice on how to avoid burning out, how to interact with humans, how to convince your owners to let you homeschool or go to a better school/program

sloth wrote:

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#2 2018-11-27 02:32:21

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Re: what would an ideal school support site be like?

I mean ideally it would have some political and monetary capital to actually help lobby for better school policies or at least have someone who was interested in doing the research or at minimum reading the current research and making it more accessible. That's what edfreedom was supposed to be but I wasn't really motivated / wanted more help than we had / had other shit to do.

But yeah just a support site for students wouldn't be nearly as like... negative. It'd be like going to the therapist and then having them sit there and commiserate with you about how terrible you have it instead of being constructive. Sure, school is fucked, but just sitting around and "yeah it's terrible your life is shit" all day isn't very productive I guess.



#3 2018-11-28 23:15:35

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Re: what would an ideal school support site be like?

A resource page, basically.

- Interviews from professionals within the educational field who became disillusioned with the modern school system and psychologists/sociologists who fear the damaging toll our school system takes on youth.

- Testimonials from former students who have questioned the schooling system, found out how damaging it was and found alternative ways to learn.

- Information on alternatives to school and colleges (Online learning, free learning, trade/vocational schools, community colleges, etc.) and information on where and how to apply of one of these institutions.

- Links to mental health groups, programs and other support groups for abused, homeless, LGBT, disabled, minority and other disenfranchised youths groups left behind in the school system.

- Links as to where and how one can acquire their GED, take the PSAT, SAT, study/tutoring groups, etc.

- Links to places on the web with a wide array of knowledge for free (Wikipedia, Gutenberg books, archive.org.etc) or a map to nearby libraries and other places of learning that one can go to educate themselves.

And probably some more that I might add later.

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#4 2018-11-29 14:13:22

From: Spurdoland
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Re: what would an ideal school support site be like?

What Derchin said. Also Links to studies about the school system and its effects on youth, with a small description, as well as where the study originates from. Both sides. Transparency is king.

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#5 2018-12-28 06:51:39

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Re: what would an ideal school support site be like?

radical pedagogy lit


#6 2018-12-28 18:28:06

sea creature
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Re: what would an ideal school support site be like?

mail order assault rifle

There are no clear way to learn it unlike html and css who are actually funny to learn and explore.


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Hold your head down and you won't get hurt. You'll get exploited, abused and spit on, but hey at least you're safe. Fuck that. I have one life to live, and I'll live it my fucking way. Go on. Stand in my way. See what happens. See what happens when a good guy snaps.

sloth wrote:

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everything is shit and people love it because they're hipster masochists or something

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she said to eat her out w/ an ice curbe but nah goodnight lol


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