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#151 2019-02-10 18:45:13

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Re: Absent's Party / Socializing Advice.

So one of the biggest things that moving down here has taught me is that your general circumstances are a huge part of socialization. Sure, you can socialize here, but it's so much harder than it was in PA, and I thought it was hard in PA. There are less women in general, less stuff here interests me, less people are into the same things I'm into, no clubs to join, etc.

The only reason it's good is that I am forced to be by myself, live by myself, challenge myself to get out and try to talk to people, and deal with limited success. It's forced me to keep learning about social skills and keep working on programming, etc. Besides that, my life will not be that good here unless I spend a huge amount of effort on developing it. I don't think it'll be worth putting in the time and building roots here.

It's taking much longer than expected, but I believe by summer I might be able to find another job in NY or West Chester or Philly, and get the triple fuck out of here. Those places have way more people, way more places to spend time where I can meet like minded people (and like minded women), and just generally way more opportunities. My career isn't such that I can do the things I want in life yet, which is why it's good that I'm in this shitthole. I have to work to escape here, but I think I can do it in like, the next 2 - 4 months. I keep getting depressed though, which makes it difficult, but there's only one way out of here, and it's through hard fucking work.



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