Topic: DnE HUD

What it's gonna have

  • SSL Status

  • Last backup status / date

  • Server up/down status obviously, maybe uptime?

  • Potentially some kind of spambot search thing?

Anything else it would be useful to check out at a glance? I think checking the server status and SSL status can be done with no server access. The most recent backup would likely be easiest to implement by simply adding to the rsync cron job I have to create a web facing text file with a timestamp and having DnE HUD grab that. Or maybe we could have a push notification somehow to alert DnE HUD of a new backup that ran? Polling is old school these days.

According to some dude on stack overflow:

The question doesn't make sense. You can't get the server's SSL certificate without opening an SSL connection to it, and once you've done that, telling the user they can do that too is a bit pointless.

The only thing I'm seeing come up when I google "javascript tls connction" is node, though. Could use it's getPeerCertificate()  which returns an object with the cert details including expiry date. Idk if we want to use node just for that though lmao. Could use OpenSSL instead to get it, though, and parse it somehow. Should be fairly easy, but then OpenSSL is a requirement.

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We could have a backend in Go that does whatever

* network request graph, maybe from ramnode
* storage status
* last STW wiki edit
* SSH login attempts, lastlogin
* web server errors
* werc comments

i'm planning on moving to... either Docker (container in a container?), or just a VPS with Alpine managed with SaltStack, Ansible, or Puppet

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That would be a more technically interesting project than just a shitty polling thing. Could even put a password to access it and shit. I know next to nothing about Go but wouldn't hurt to learn some. Mainly packaging it all together for others might be a pain idk.