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I saw two old ladies who I thought were just walking home or something out of the window. After a bit, I heard a knock on the door.

I rushed to put on some pants before going to the door. They talked about the information age and how it damaged family communication and such.  I thought it was just some family thing, and planned to tell them humans sucked, but then they said the bible talked about the subject.

I wasn't really in the mood for a debate, so I just said "No, thanks. I accept the guidance of Lord Satan." and shut the door.

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LOL awesome.

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the age of COMMUNICATION ruins family communication yep christian logic.

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Every time a Jehova's witness comes to the door I tell them we're Jewish. Thank God none of them have visited during Christmas time.

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I know some Mexicans that are Jehovah's Witness. No idea how that happened.

On topic, I've never had people come to my door. Of course, I wouldn't tell them off if they did. Have to keep a low profile with my own closeted beliefs and whatnot.

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tell them that u'll call the police on harassement charges

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For one, how would I get contact with them again.

For another, why the fuck would I do that for just spreading their beliefs? It's cool to fuck with them, sure, but that's too far.

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Bulgarian nationalists vs Jehova supporters

Kneel down to me, pathetic mortals.